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As an American.

We celebrate the of July as a reminder of earning our independence from an oppressive government. Just a reminder to our current administration. There's plenty of room on the calendar for another holiday.

How cool is this!! Use the tourist map from the place and then put the most memorable pic from the trip.

Map Picture Frames DIY Map Mat: using a craft knife, trim maps to cover photo mats from your favorite frames. When finished, lay the map on top of the mat (you don't even have to tape it), and cover with the glass. We used a West Elm white gallery frame.

Essiac Tea Linda & Charles!

Essiac Tea: The Anti-Cancer Tea. Tastes NASTY, but if you can get it down, you feel better soon. Suck half a popscicle until mouth is numb. Take essiac and finish sucking on the popscicle half.