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That moment when.


A Selection of 28 #Funny #Quotes and #Sayings to Make You Smile

vamping81 | Single Photo | Instagrin

vamping81 | Single Photo | Instagrin

Nursing humor

omg i just died lmao

Take A Moment And Smile

yeah, i'd hate to see what happened if I started eating healthy foods!!

Eat Healthy | HUMAN

immafuckyurbitxh | Single Photo | Instagrin

Soo true.

Top 49 most Funniest and Best humor Quotes

Happy Friday Everyone!

Lily The Wandering Gypsy : Some Words Of Encouragement

Geocaching! media-cache9.pint... lifetakesaction quotes

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joedan2 | Single Photo | Instagrin

screenshootme | Single Photo | Instagrin

This is hilarious XD

makeupshayla | Single Photo | Instagrin

If you only knew, everything negative youre saying about me so indirectly couldnt even be more of the opposite of what is really going on. You think we've been hooking up on a regular? NO THANK YOU!!! i guess its all between you and Susana.... hes been hooking up with you and Susana all around the same time.. don't believe me? I have the screenshots of texts to prove it! So call me what you want to call me, and say what you want to say...I know the truth. And that's all that matters! :)

Lol at chemistry pick-up lines... Clearly I am far too happy that chemistry lab is over with.

Know when to #change and when not to.