Keep your propane bottles out of the hands of thieves with GasLock | RV Travel

In regards to construction projects it's far better to truly feel silly than sorry. However you want to execute the project you always ought to make wise home remodeling choices whilst thinking about the return on investment.

Check this out!  I love the idea of converting our 'booth' style table into an area that houses a desk with cabinets *and* has table potential!!  :)

Pull out dinette cabinet. Exactly what we need to turn our bankette into! Maybe like a roll-top desk.

My camper deck

My camper deck *make the steps mobile and adaptable for height as well, in case you change trailers.

Shipping container home with glassed in living room #smallspaceliving

For future plans in living in a shipping container home. You can extend out and add metal frame, glass and decking to create a lounge

Mouse prevention ring Fashion metal rigs out of sheet metal and place on the ground around tires and jacks. Make them tall enough so mice can’t get over usually around 8 inches will do the trick.

Tips to Keep Pesky Mice Out of Your RV