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-The only approved contraceptive for men, besides condoms and pulling out. -It is guaranteed to stop the male from impregnating a woman. -It is reverseable, to an extent. -Meant for men with kids and that are in a relationship that is not calling for more kids.  Should be discussed as a couple before doing.

Vasectomy – irreversible contraception for men

-Advantages: the only natural feeling contraceptive available.  no responsibility needed, except to pull out. -Disadvantages: unwanted pregnancy due to not pulling out or because of pre-cum, at risk of STDs, -It's not really a doctor recommended form of contraceptive, but it does work for people who know how and when to use it. -I used it for almost 12 years and never had an issue, minus the loss of "momentum" during sex. -I recommend that users of this method don't use it while intoxicated.

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-The most used contraceptive in the world. -Advantages: protects from STDs and unwanted pregnancies. -Disadvantages: could break, leak and a person could forget to wear in the heat of passion. -works by preventing the sperm from entering the vagina. -when used correctly it is 99% effective -No prescription required.  Just the responsibility of the man or woman to have bought and have ready to use.

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-Is one of the oldest and most used contraceptives. -It works by stopping ovulation, by thickining the woman's cervical mucus and by thinning the lining of endomentrium.   -Advantage: no unwanted pregnancy -Disadvantage: hormonal imbalance and could forget to take. -You would have to go see your doctor and be prescribed the pill and be shown how and when to take each day forever or until you are ready to have a child.

When I was nineteen I saw my doctor regarding ongoing medical problems with my menstrual cycle during that visit my doctor prescribed an oral contraceptive otherwise known as the birth control pill.

-This simple process could take place of surgical cutting of the balls.  All it is is a gel that is placed in tube between seminal vesicle and the vas.  It doesn't block the tube.  It only destroys the sperm as it travels out.  This would be a great option to vasectomy.  If needed to be reversed it just takes a flush out of the tube.  No cutting ever needed.  This is a 100% effective treatment to stopping unwanted pregnancy.   -Disadvantage: Not allowed in the US yet.

no hormones, 1 injection, safe, no side effects, ten years. side affect of destroying hiv best hgh supplements

-IUD can be 99% effective at preventing unplanned pregnancy.   -The doctor passes the IUD through the cervical canal, placing it inside the uterus.  This prevents the way sperm move so they can't join with an egg. -Advantage: No unwanted pregnancy. -Disadvantage: Could be uncomfortable to woman and the man. -No prescriptions are required.  But you would need to make an appointment with your doctor as this is a minor surgical operation.

9 Things You Need to Know About IUDs - Tons of facts about this highly effective birth control option.