Consolidated B-24 Liberator Aircraft,#jorgenca

Consolidated Liberator Aircraft Pinner wrote:My Uncle, a pilot in the Flying Tigers flew one called "Tough Titty" ~ my great uncle was a Flying Tiger too PRT

Two of the most beautiful things in the world, a woman and an aircraft....together!

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Aircraft Nose Art

Aircraft Nose Art was determined acceptable or not-acceptable by the Squadron Commander. Some of them wouldn't allow pin-up girl's or scanty clad female images on their aircraft - so the boys had to settle for less provocative art works.

Warthogs, a shark and a snake

Obviously NOT WWII criteria, but the nose art is pretty cool.

P-40 WW2 different air forces

Shark mouths, Australian Air Force, South Africa Air Force, Canadian Air Force, Chinese Air Force and Brasilian Air Force