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Russian Architecture

These are photos I took durring my stay in Vyksa Russia - where the "typical" home (I didn't see any two that were alike) combine (through a process of accretion) log cabin construction, with a ginger-bread timber frame and glazed brick, all unified under one (usually metal) roof.

Russian Architecture

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Vyksa house.

Steel garage and log cabin, Vyksa Russia

Loved this little place, totally story book.

Lots of blue and green paint jobs adding to the mix in Vyska. This brick and timber frame home was on the main drag that lead to the hotel where I stayed.

This second story addition in Vyksa caught my eye because the lack of windows. I assume it is a work space of some sort, but it could be there is a plan to cut windows into the structure at some future date.

Particularly loved the gas pipe work-around on these housing towers.

There were dozens of these towers (the facades were decorated with cement features resembling huge curtains), but this was the only one with a Chinese restaurant.

It's all about the yellow gas pipes.

This small home, pinched between the main road (out of shot to the right) and the tower block, was characteristic of the urban planning of Vyksa Russia.

Fence line besides a log cabin/timber frame/glazed brick home in Vyksa Russia.

Composite of neighboring homes in Vyksa Russia

This is a characteristic home in Vyksa Russia.