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So. True.

So. True.

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Yes. This is true. Rip wisely.<--Pun may or may not be intended. Depends on who you are. #mythbusters #geeks #awesome

NERDS - Cheezburger

This is actually more true than I wish to admit.

This is incredibly sweet and every woman should read this. You need only be yourself to keep him interested!

  • Karen Foster
    Karen Foster

    Everything but the religion part.


What Teachers Really Do on ‘Professional Development Day’

"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes." -- 4th Doctor quote from Doctor Who

Just a Teacher poem...just in time for Teacher Appreciation week! ♥

Fluttering Through First Grade: Just a Teacher...

This made my life.

Strawberry-cum-cake -

John Green wisdom

When you’re mad at your parents…


The consequences of going back to school…

100 Forgotten Heartthrobs Of The '80s And '90s

Quotes by Albert Einstein "If you cant explain it to a six year old you dont understand it yourself"

I can see this as a poster!

Study: Viewing Porn Linked to Lower Brain Mass - A recently released study from researchers in Germany has concluded that a link exists between pornography usage and lower brain mass. Published last week by JAMA Psychiatry, "We found a significant negative association between reported pornography hours per week and gray matter volume in the right caudate," noted the researchers.

Study: Viewing Porn Linked to Lower Brain Mass

The Son of God became a man to enable men to become sons of God.

I want the pocohantas quote on my foot with the pocohantas leaves and wind :D

Actually what I would like to write is "your child is so obnoxious and disruptive I feel the urge to punt him out of the classroom door"

The Hands-On Teacher: Five For Friday! And...a SURPRISE??

Oh, my heart. 21 Heartwarming And Beautiful Facts About Mr. Rogers That Will Brighten Even The Crummiest Day #FredRogers

What a love story!

homeless people need to see God's love through human hands...yours and mine.

Curly hair pros and cons hilarious! The one about the growing hair and the shrinkage is insanely accurate!

Don't forget to stop and enjoy the surprises along the way.( what I love is that children, CHILDREN, heard this and wanted to hear more. Adults are busy and suspicious, children delight in the wonders of a song played on a train. The beauty they see in this world, is astonishing.

15 Things That Are (Actually) In A Woman’s Purse - except for a couple things, this is exactly whats in my purse

Bless this woman

This is both ironic/funny and really sad that it's so true.

A story about two dogs. This made me cry.