but then I remembered in the middle of my laughter, how I wanted to tell this story to you. And I was sad again I find stuff every day I wish I could tell you Poppy. One more hug, one more laugh, one more piece of advice.

don't be afraid to walk   away

Monday Inspiration - Alysia Harris - Bright Bold and Beautiful

Welcome! I'm Briony 🌻👽🌈🔮🌞🌌🍄🌵A wild woman who loves to hoop, paint and expandmy consciousness Pleiadian starseed, Aquarius sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising I am growing♥♥♥


too young to hold on, too old to just break free and run. - lover you should've come over (Jeff Buckley)


Anthony Kyle~ you'll always be my best friend, i miss you and can't wait for you to come home! Counting down the days♡