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Adorable Tech Geekery

Adorable Tech Geekery

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HOLY CRAP Okay while I haven't seen enough of Doctor Who to get crazy about it, I grew up with Grover. He was always one of my favorite Sesame Street monsters. He does look rather dashing...

So, in the comics universe, for a while, SHIELD had a UK analogue. It was the Weird Happenings Organization, or WHO. They were led by a pair of twins, Brigadier Alysandre Stuart and... Alysdare Stuart. Yeah. I figured the least I could do was embrace the trans-Atlantic nature of my life and formally join the other guys:)

Oh you scrumptious boy.

The Scarlett Stare.

PANTONE Superheroes :-)

Gordon! And a headcrab! And and and!

Adorable silicon leaf plates! HIDEOUSLY expensive adorable silicon leaf plates!

The world's smallest iphone charger, the Juice Buddy. At pacific-productio...