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there is a large piece of wood carved to look like a toothbrush holder next to a tree stump
Oak stool
a wooden table sitting on top of a lush green field
Completed over 8 months, the piece exemplifies the beauty of a tree stump where product designer thomas de lussac has shown each stage of the craft to form the ‘racine carré table’.
two men standing next to a wooden table in the middle of a field with grass
Raw Tree Stump Seamlessly Extends into a Polished Wooden Table
French designer Thomas de Lussac highlights the beauty of a simple tree stump with his stunning furniture project. Called the Racine Carré table (translated, this means Square Root), it incorporates powerful, raw roots into its sleek form. The flattened table top leans against the halved stump as the other end is propped up by a considerably smaller, polished leg. Similar to Fernando Mastrangelo’s Drift Bench, Lussac’s work blurs the line between furniture and sculpture. To produce the Racin...
a wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green field
A tree table grows on Michigan Ave.
Artist Michael Beitz designed amazing sculptural table called Tree Picnic, a functional 50-foot-long picnic table that branches like a tree at the Michigan Riley Farm in Buffalo, NY.
an image of wood that is very close up
Shou Sugi Ban - Delta Millworks
Delta Millworks' Cypress Tiger Smooth Gettysburg. Burned then brushed with a smooth brush in the Detla Millworks method
a person with a brush on top of a blue bench
Behind the Scenes | Delta Millworks - TRIBEZA
there is a sign that says delta mill works on the side of a wooden building
Behind the Scenes | Delta Millworks - TRIBEZA
an old wood paneled wall with knots in the middle and brown paint on it
Shou-sugi-ban (burnt wood siding) - Austin - by Delta Lumber & Millworks | Houzz
Shou-sugi-ban (burnt wood siding) -
a wooden table that has been made to look like a river
a curved wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green field next to a tree
Moving Company Quotes & Tips to Plan Your Move | MYMOVE
Creative and Functional Garden Pavilion in London: The Shoffice Project
a person sitting on a bench in front of a building with large wooden structures that look like honeycombs
ICD/ITKE Research Pavilion at the University of Stuttgart | Dezeen
Polygonal timber plates give this pavilion at the University of Stuttgart a skeleton like a sea urchin's.