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GROMOVITI ZNACI Thundermarks of Perun bronze by WulflundJewelry

Pendant with the Slavic symbol of the God of Perun - Gromoviti znaci (Thundermarks).

The Vedic People of Lithuania:-If you were to travel to Lithuania you might encounter some traditional houses adorned with the motif of two horse heads. You might take this as a simple design but it is in fact a small clue to Lithuania's deep and ancient Vedic past. Traditionally, the Vedic peoples of Lithuania worshipped the Ašvieniai, the divine horse twins, related to the goddess Ūsinis. They are said to pull the Sun Chariot through the sky.

Across the Baltic and North Germanic lands, ‘Hengest and Hors’ was the name given to the cross horse-headed gables which decorated pagan temples and hofs.