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First Time in Forever Reprise

Cuz for the first time in forever, I finally understand. For the first time in forever, we can fix this hand in hand. We can head down this mountain together. You don't have to live in fear. Cuz for the first time in forever, I will be right Frozen

Well that just stabbed me in my Hans feels

Well that just stabbed me in my Hans feels<-Excuse me while I go pick up the shreds of feeliings I may have left. <--- Oh look, I've been impaled.<<< Reindeers are better than people, Hans. < my heart has been taken yet again.

The Ancient Prophesy

In the original script for Frozen they actually had a prophesy about Elsa.<== no, in the original script Elsa was an evil ice bitch sister that wore live weasels around her neck and snaked them when they moved


And mine<--And mine. <- Mine too. I also noticed that when Elsa takes off her gloves for the coronation, her hands shake as she picks up the scepter and jar thing.<-Eeh I'm used to my heart shattering!

Frozen fun fact

I never noticed this! I think they're actually coal, not buttons, but I could be wrong. <- How did I not notice this?

Frozen fun fact

I never noticed! I think it symbolizes how Anna was so bright and cheerful and then she wasn't

They also happen to have nearly the same hair color. | Why Jack Frost And Elsa Would Make The Cutest Couple

Jelsa is and forever will be the OTP out of all animated movie ships. Disney, Dreamworks, wake up and smell the roses cuz you two NEED to make a mash-up of RotG and Frozen!

Banzai Skydiving Sport facts - WTF fun facts

Facts about weird, intersting weird information WTF Facts : funny, interesting weird facts. Um no. That is not something I will ever do.