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Day 291: Pretty Pink Punch & Baby Blue Punch


Polar Bear | 1 oz. Vodka 1 oz. Blue Curacao 6 oz. 7-Up Lime Wedge and Cherry to garnish Directions Add the three ingredients to an ice filled Collins glass and gently stir. Garnish with the Lime and Cherry, and get ready to take a Polar plunge.


Mix Barefoot White Zinfandel, cranberry juice, pineapple juice and peach schnapps together and chill overnight., Serve over ice. Garnish each serving with a splash of lemon-lime soda and orange.

Awesome AO Treats To Get Your Party Started

17 Three-Ingredient Cocktails You Should Know How To Make

Tequila Sunrise: Tequila, Orange Juice, Grenadine. 17 Three-Ingredient Cocktails You Should Know How To Make via @buzzfeedfoodStop by the best outdoor bar in The Center Bar in Bonita Springs has great drinks and a great atmosphere!

Elderflower Prosecco cocktail

Monica Shaw reveals the recipe for her 'Bump Start' Prosecco cocktail - and the story behind it! Made with elderflower cordial, gin, lemon and lime, this is ideal to have during a late summer evening.

Jack Frost Cocktail! Winter's version of the piña colada! Blue curacao and shredded coconut help give this drink it's wintry flair. |

Gingerbread Bellini

Capture all the flavours of the classic Christmas ginger biscuit in this simple Prosecco cocktail you can make in minutes - ideal for fuss-free festive entertaining

Salted caramel rum hot chocolate

This alcoholic blend is made with dulce de leche - a thick caramel. Add salt to your liking then serve up a mug of pure boozy bliss