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Let's All Make... Our Beds

I'm declaring March the "Let's All Make... Our Beds" (#LAMOB on Twitter; follow me @joliekerr!) month which is so dorky but it would be so much worse if I were calling it The 30-Day Bed Making Challenge. These are some sweet beds to get the party started. (Who am I??)

Let's All Make... Our Beds

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Sheet Sets - Sin In Linen

Now this is macabre bedding I can get behind! (Except birds in the home are bad luck so that's a no-go.)

Lake House-worthy Bedding

Garnet Hill - Original Clothing, Bedding and Home Decor

This 'Sita Seville' by John Robshaw bedding is making me want to die of longinggggggggg

Kate Spade's new bedding line is alskhlksfhlskhdgfgdlkhsg

I'd prefer my Hallowe'en bedding to be more on the macabre side, but I'll take what I can get.

From the very appropriately named reader Sunny :)

  • Pamela Lloyd
    Pamela Lloyd

    This would make sense if I wanted to hurry tomorrow. Mostly, I just want to prolong today.

This is my spirit bedroom

Happy Pi Day, La Mobsters!!

Oooh la la a preview of the Orla Keily home line for Bed, Bath & Beyond!

This bed is made entirely of awesome. And maybe a few lil' feathers.

Would you like to learn about the 'loft' or 'fill power' of down? Sure you would! Who wouldn't??

Love love love love love the blue & orange combo. (Architectural Digest July 2011)



  • Emily Dodson
    Emily Dodson

    Okay, that is both disturbing and awesome.

  • Lucy Boyd
    Lucy Boyd

    Holy shit.

Yup. Looks about right.

  • Cherrispryte


  • Bette N
    Bette N

    Setting aside the gun issue, is the point that she's encroaching on his 50% of the bed? Because, let's consider that he gets to just lie there while she moves over so they can be together. This is a fight I've had with um, a few boys.

  • Barbara Shaurette
    Barbara Shaurette

    Oh yes, and I continue to have it with the current boy. :) He insists I move over to his side for cuddling, but he'll never return the favor.

  • Meredith Ponder
    Meredith Ponder

    I agree with all of the sentiments expressed in these comments. WTF GUN and also UGH WHY DO I HAVE TO MOVE AND GIVE UP MY SIDE SLEEPING ON MY SIDE TO ACCOMMODATE YOUR BACK SLEEPING?! HATE.

If The Hairpin were a bed it would be this one. And none of us would EVER get any beauty rest because OH DEAR GOD IS THAT EVER CREEPY.

  • Rebecca Schmidt
    Rebecca Schmidt


  • Miranda Selover
    Miranda Selover


  • Emily Dodson
    Emily Dodson

    That whole room scares me.

  • Meredith Ponder
    Meredith Ponder

    no no no no no no no

If Awl Music dot TV were a bed it would be this one.

If The Wirecutter were a bed it would be this one.

If Splitsider were a bed it would be this one.

If The Awl were a bed it would be this one.

I love this bedspread so much.

Ahhhhh! SHEETS WITH FERNS!!!!!!!

This entire Flickr set is KILLLLLLLINGGG me. Beds! Let's all get in 'em and STAY THERE.

Pink and orange and toile and monograms. Oh yes please and thank you!