This reminds me of that feeling right before you fall asleep next to someone you love - the problems of the day melting away, and everything feels safe.

dream a little dream by *burdge-bug (couple,love,drawing,pencil,kiss)

Couples drawings

Love him presents. ideal for my husband since he pays for everything and work so hard. I would get him for a gift before I can give it to him ;

Couple Character Sketch / Drawing

I can just imagine Hazel walking into this and she just rushes out fanning her face like Leo said she does when she's embarrassed XD

Code: Realize: ~Princess of Genesis~ Art Book Cover

Code:Realize - Sosei no Himegimi - Official Art Book

By Burdge.

" He exaggerated a bow. Robin glared, still angry that he'd done what he did to hurt her. She stormed past Matthew, wondering where Thomas was when she needed him.

Love. Abonne toi!

I yearn for his touch. Lick my stomach all the way down. I want him to make love to me. I want him to be mine forever. I love you.