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    Find out what is important to you, and don't stop running, dancing, and moving until you reach your goals!

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    "V" as seen :..........V MUSt have been for Venezia .......A-ha-ha :))) Hip - hip...Oh , the JAWS of bellOOO italianAAAAAA , and the Ma - ki - AGE ...:))) Don´t assume , V !!!!! We KNOW....A-ha-ha :)))

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    so true ...


    So true . I will be faithful to a fault but once I'm done with you I'm done .. And calling six months later saying you messed up will have no effect any longer. Learned that about myself from experience :) appreciate what you have while you do or you will miss it one day

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    Your needs matter too. Don’t ignore them. Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everyone else

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    .If my sister cared enough about me to read this, would she care about what this says and how it makes me feel? Every part in my being says,"no." But....I hold onto a hope. How stupid I am.

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    So true... I know people would have less heartache not placing unrealistic expectations on others...

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    Divorce with Children Quotes. As hard as it is, be happy when you're child is happy without you. They will always miss you and be happy to see you soon. Let them be little. Let them live, laugh, and love~ ALWAYS!

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    Great idea for some plywood, paint it, paint the words, then varnish- homemade wall art for the foyer of our home.

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    True marriage is a marriage that creates good men, women and CHILDREN! It doesn't allow for children to feel hated or like they caused the problems in a marriage. It doesn't create strife between blended's built solely on love. I am blessed that we have that and teach that...I hope the evil stays out of my daughter's life as life has been a blessing since it's been gone.

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    So true.

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    Exactly! Quit yer bitchin' n work out!!

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    #grandma #grandpa #grandchildren #grandparents #quotes

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    #grandparents #family #quotes

    #family #quotes

    #grandparents #quotes #family

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    Memorial Quotes for Mom | Poems & Quotes - Dustin Houston - Online Memorial Website

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    .mothers of girls

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    I love my grandchildren

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