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I'm what I am & I'm what I'm not. I'm sure happy with what I've got. I live to love and laugh a lot & that's all I'll ever need. ❒Single ❒Taken ✔Paper chasin

10 Things No One Told You About Having a Newborn - The Naughty Mommy

Child Development! Loving Hearts Child Care and Development Center in Pontiac, MI is dedicated to providing exceptional tender loving care while making learning fun! If you want to know more about us, feel free to give us a call at (248) 475-1720 or visit our website www.lovingheartsc... for more information!

Adorable Napkin Dresses | Click Pic for 35 DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Girls| DIY Baby Shower Decor Ideas for Girls

Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes - just like that classic cake your grandma made but in cupcake form! Loved them so much I'm making them again tomorrow!

Baby Formula Feeding Chart. Been looking for someting like this, with all the emphasis,on breast feeding these days, bottle feeding moms have no clue how different their babies will be. Less calls to the pediatrician in the first few days!

Creepy carnival was our 2012 Halloween theme. Hand built this 15ft tall evil clown facade with lighted eyes and the 15ft wide lighted funhouse sign. Sold the facade to a haunted house in Barberton, Ohio and the funhouse sign is available for $500 or 75 per letter.

Creepy Scarecrow Tutorial- Dollar store skull cover in burlap

For all you new mommies! Too cute not to post!

Have called my eldest son man cub since he was a baby 16 now and still my man cub

Foods that are good for your little person ;) and foods to be avoiding!

We really need to pinch those scales from the historical village @Lisa Burston!

Paper invites are too formal, and emails are too casual. Get it just right with online invitations from Punchbowl. We’ve got everything you need for your Star Wars themed party.

Free printable diaper bag checklist. Handy to keep near the diaper bag.

Yes, please whine to me about how tired you are today. Are you growing a human? I didn't think so. Now shut the hell up! ((FANTASTIC!!! lol... How I feel on the daily while listening to ppl say they're tired!! I'm exhausted every day! Of course, still worth it, but I hope it subsides soon....))

This is what is happening down below!

Four Postpartum Favorites For New Moms (All $30 and Under!)

All Things G: Baby Things Loved: The First 3 Months