The greatest villains of all time from books, movies, comics and wherever the heck else...

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Another version of the Boogeyman.  He sought to make the children stop believing in the Guardians and cover the world in fear.  Pitch Black.

Pitch and Sandy have a Yin and Yang relationship. Notice how Pitch has golden eyes? The golden eyes represent his goodness. Sandy can turn to evil very easily, that is his darkness. The fact he can turn evil easily.

The former chemistry teacher turned meth cook turned drug kingpin.  He sold out his friends, enemies, and his own soul on his dark, murderous journey to break bad.  Walter White-Heisenberg

'Breaking Bad's' Walter White is a remarkable character on television. Y'all can have Tony Soprano or Don Draper. I'll take Walter 'Heisenberg' White any day! Kudos to Bryan Cranston for playing the hell outta this role!

Mayor Richard Wilkins-  He had a plan and it nearly worked.  He empowered Faith and nearly destroyed Sunnydale High School.  But like so many before and after.  It takes a lot to defeat The Slayer.

Richard Wilkins

Mayor Richard Wilkins from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Definitely one of my most favorite villains ever.

Evil leader of the Decepticons, cruel and merciless foe of the Autobots- Megatron

Megatron Don't get to do transformer commissions hardly at all. I want my passion for transformers to come out full bore.

They destroyed the Earth to make way for a hyperspace by-pass.  They are ruthlessly bureaucratic.  And their poetry is so bad it can kill you.  Oh, and they hate hitchhikers- The Vogons

The Vogons; bureaucracy-mad Vogons are possibly the most boring aliens in their galaxy, not to mention the ugliest

The world's greatest detective needs a foe who possesses the same brilliance and reason, but uses it to sadistic ends- Professor James Moriarty

This was my attempt to replicate an illustration of Moriarty(From Sherlock holmes) that was done by Sidny Pagent who did many illustrations for Sherlock.