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Pocket Operation Game

Since I'm getting a lot of the same questions, I'll answer them here. - The water is just clear resin. - The fish are made from polymer clay. - No, the animals are not real. - This was done over the course for three days. - As the koi ponds are one of my popular items, I will not be making a tutorial or explaining how to make parts of them. Sorry!

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The newest Raspberry Pi Model A+ finally fits inside an Altoids tin. Looks like it's a little squeeze but a much better fit than the bigger boards.

Raspberry Pi Model A+ Revealed: Smaller and Just $20

Gameboy-ish game that fits in an Altoids Mini tin. Bonus: uses a supercapacitor that charges in 30 seconds. Also has solar charging. $199 kit if they get enough demand.

ShiftHack – Features

Essential oils for the road

Essential Oil Sticks ~ Take Wellness Where You Wander!

Miniature paper Paris in an Altoids tin - Made by Joel Travel Size Paper City Paris

Made by Joel » Travel Size Paper City Paris!

Zimmerman has suggested DIY USB charger based on solar energy which also very comfortably fits inside the Altoid tin. With this new solar charger one would be able to charge up most of the mobile devices by means of 2 AA rechargeable batteries in addition to agile thin coating solar panels.

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gas altoids grill

Mini Altoid Gas Grill

Bike survival kit

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Altoid Tin Trebuchet - MAKE

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Altoid Maker Tin

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Altoids Tin Alcohol Stove- camping?

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DIY Paper City Paris via Made by Joel - carry Paris in your pocket!

Carry Paris In Your Pocket | Handmade Charlotte

Altoid Kit

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Altoids Paint Box

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  • Jeri

    What great/cute ideas on this board! When I think of how many I've thrown away over the years!!!!! Need to start saving them! :)

double sided wallet

Double Sided Altoid wallet

Used altoid tin to store tissues. Such a great idea, because the little plastic packaging always gets torn up in my purse.

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Ultimate altoid ART kit

Altoid word play

RePlayGround - DIY - how to turn a mint tin into word play

altoid tin library

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The Altoids Tin Martini Kit is an Easy Make and Perfect for Carrying #DIY

Mini Booze Carriers
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Watercolor set in nested Altoids tins

Pocket-sized Watercolor Altoids Tin

small world land: Ice-skating rink from an altoid tin

small world land: Ice-skating rink from an altoid tin

Altoid box robot

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