This could be turned into a spy activity too. --- Spider web game. Just use painter's tape to make the web and have the kids throw wads of paper at it to see if they can get it to stick. what a great rainy day activity in a cabin or lodge!

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Spy Tools for Kids iPhone app - disguises, ids, fingerprint scanner, voice changer, and night vision goggles.

Spy Tools for Kids

Spy party invites - mirror image

Spy, Detective Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 2 of 29

Spy party invites

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Spy Academy Party

Spy Academy Party

spy party

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Spy Party

Kids Party Themes

spy birthday party invites

Which is why I am a spy. - My Paper Crane

Secret Agent Spy Party

Spy Party Ideas, Secret Agent or Detective Theme Party



Spy birthday party - willowday

Inspiración: El cumpleaños del agente secreto

Spy Tools for Kids - iPhone / iPod app with disguises, fingerprint scanner, night vision goggles, voice changer

Spy Tools for Kids

Super Spy party

secret agent party | Hip Hip Hooray!

Spy Themed Party

Veronica Reeve Photography: A Spy Birthday Party

"Every spy needs supplies for surveillance, trapping bad guys and getting out of sticky situations, so we looked around the house for items we could put together into a little spy kit. This is what we came up with:

Spy Kid Spy Kit

Printable disguise kit for spy kids

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Spy academy - This website is for sale! - diaperduchess Resources and Information.

Spy Mission Ideas for kids

Are you up for Covert Spy Missions?

I bring you, the downloadable MUSTACHE KIT! It comes in brown as well as blank, in case you want a blonde/red/purple/etc set of facial hair

Octopod Adventures - Facial Hair to Print and Own

Fantastic Spy Case for super sleuthing includes folding binoculars flashlight (2 x AAA batteries included) magnifying glass codes fingerprint powder and dusting brush secret marker pen set spy guide

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Spy Kit

Real Parties

super spy kit

kristy.makes: diy: secret agent box

Cool spy kit secret! - SHIM + SONS

spy party!

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Spy party bag

James Bond 007 Birthday Party