Crayon t-shirt project...TOTALLY doing this over summer break!!!!

"Draw on sandpaper with crayon, turn upside down, iron onto T-shirt. how proud will kids be to wear their original art designs!" How proud I will be to wear my own original art designs! 'TWILL BE SO GANGSTER AND THUG.

Great site to get your creative KID juices flowing!

screen free week kids activities

_Are you, could you, dare you join in Screen-Free Week this week? Do your kids have too much screen time? Do you? 100 fun kids activities you could try this week as a family whether you're inspired to spend an hour, a day or the whole week screen free.

100 Summer Activities

100 Things to Do This Summer with Kids

100 things to do this summer with kids? 100 things to do this summer with the husband!

How to this!!  So simple for the kiddos!

This is a fun step-by-step cartoon animal drawing tutorial--great for kids who like to draw!

May not taste that great but the kids will think it's fun!

spaghetti hot dogs--looks cool, but the end result is kinda gross. of my kids ate it, but didn't love it. and it was kinda time consuming.sticking the spaghetti thru the dogs.

Today is "What's Cookin' Wednesday"...this is what Claire wants to make.  I'm gonna do my best to "clean" it up.  Boar's Head makes a yummy turkey pepperoni.

Spiral Pepperoni Pizza Bake

Spiral Pepperoni Pizza Bake Recipe from Taste of Home . Maybe make some adjustments to ingredients, like substituting in some sausage and bacon with pepperoni.

Paper airplanes! Wheeeeeooooow!

I'm terrible at making paper planes and always cringe if a child asks me to make them one (as they expect it to work! Maybe I can learn at least a couple of these and start making decent models. Paper Planes via themetapicture

smore nachos...def making this for the kids for LUNCH!!!!!  Yep, I said lunch!!

Caramel Fudge S'more Nachos

Lego FAMILY TIME activity Guide

"Play with LEGO's together as a family with these family LEGO activities." - it's an activity guide put out by Lego and has some fun ideas of how to have the entire family play with Legos together. I'm pinning it as a possible FHE game.

More ideas