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what is the group noun for a bunch of pugs? A fat roll of pugs? A snort of pugs? A sea of pugs!

Q: from orig spinner "what is the group noun for a bunch of pugs? A fat roll of pugs? A snort of pugs? A sea of pugs!" A: a grumble of pugs.

Exercise what

Farewell letter from

When pugs say what we're all thinking: Dog meme, Funny dog, Exercise Motivation, pug pic pugs

The 50 Cutest Things That Ever Happened

Franky acts as a guide dog to his fellow pug Elly (the white-coated pug), helping on walks or to find food and water because she isn’t able to find her own way.

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Descended from the ancient Chinese Foo dogs and bred for centuries to maintain their small size, pugs are known for their massive heads, huge eyes, and deeply wrinkled foreheads.

35 Most Adorable Moments In Pug History

Valentine's Day couple with rose petals on their bed


What's better than one pug snoring? TWO pugs snoring! Check out those adorable sleepy faces

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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise facts including: history, training/temperament, and breed colors and markings.

Awesome PUGs do exist!

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