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Anne Witch

Antique Inspired Queen Anne Witch Halloween Folk Art Doll by Tyra Swick of Ty's Doll Creations.

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Joni Black-FWP

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Rabbit gentleman

Doll marvels from a Tireless Artist | Artonfix

Art Toy Doll

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The Popovy Dolls

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Sisters Black

Art Repainted Dolls

Amazing art dolls by the Popovy Sisters

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Lorell Lehman

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Virginia Ropars

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Kreacher 1:12th miniatures scale

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Kim Jelley

Johnston award doll

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Kate Erbach

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Elderly Art

These ladies would have to have more cloths on to be church ladies. :)

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Ooak Dolls

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Artist Anastasia


The Face

Doll Artist

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~Anastasia Yanovskaya~

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Hearts Wonderful

Queen of Hearts Art Doll by Cindee Moyer

Gallery 2

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Maggie by Jacqui Wickenden

Maggie by By Jacqui Wickenden

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Wickenden Bear

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Pup Soooo

Dog Corky

Mohair Border

Needle Feltings

Needle Felted

by Jacqui Wickenden


Bear Awwwww

Cutest Bear

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Mr Teddy

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Tender Teddys


* Schlaflos in NRW *

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"Dandelion" by doll artist Victoria Minenko

dandelion. The artworks. Minenko Victoria . Artists. Paintings, art gallery, russian art

Dolls Fiever

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Porcelain, natural silk, antique lace

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You Are So Beautiful

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Beautiful Babies

such a gorgeous doll....

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E Classes I Ve

Dolls And Stuffies

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Katie O'Malley

Art Dolls




Mrs. Bird with Katie Estvold - Doll Class at

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Art Cloth

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Lady of the Lake with Julie McCullough - Doll Class at

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November Morning by Tireless Artist

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the goddess

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French Bull Dogs

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Dog Art❶ 1⃣

Dogs Dogs


Dolls Arts Sculptures

Whendie S Bears

French Bulldog by Whendi's Bears. Cute as!

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Primitive Boston

Vintage Boston

Bostons Rock

Boston Obsession

Boston Terrier'S

Things Boston

Terrier Art


Tin Containers

Boston Terrier in Vintage Tin

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Reetz Bears

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Bears Soooo

Teddybears Plush

Art Dolls Bears

Dolls Fairy S

Dollz Toys

Baby Dolls

just so sweet

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