Calla Lilies

~~ Calla Lily Flames ~~

Zantedeschia 'Captain Safari' a lovely golden orange summer-bloomer

Calla lillies

Pink calla lillies would be stunning next to black and white ones or perhaps the 'White Feathers Hosta.' l Elegant, smooth blooms atop sturdy stems are summer stunners in many different colors. They almost look delicate, but they can take the heat! Calla lily is an extraordinary flower, ideal for beds, borders, containers and bouquets. Easy to grow and care for, they are simple summer bloomers.

Lipstick pink calla lillies

Yellow Calla Lillies

Calla lilies. So beautiful...almost like a painting, but it's not. My favorite flower. Photo by Lea Foster.

Flowers Some nice light on these flowers. Cool color too. Check out my Lightroom blog for before & after shots. The link is on my profile page. ► Reblog on Tumblr This image is now available on Tumblr. Beautiful flower in the world

✯ Red Calla Lilies - "The Calla Lillies are in bloom again..." Calla Lilies. They are beautiful just like this Free Website Building Software....

Yellow Calla Lily

black flowers -Lilly's


Calla Lily 'Black Eyed Beauty'

ALG_3398, via Flickr.

Calla Lily 'Mozart'


calla lily hybrid mix

The Dramatic Black Forest Calla Lily


Rows and rows of lilies...Calla's are my favorite.

Calla Lily


Calla Lilies