Jon Sauer's Ornamental Turnings

Some of my Ornamental Turnings.
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a group of metal towers sitting on top of a table next to each other in front of a black background
Ornamental Turned Castles
Castle bottles turned by Jon Sauer on the Holtzapffel ornamental lathe. African Blackwood.
Amboyna Burl spin tops on Ornamental turned Blackwood stands. Amboyna Burl, Betel Nut, Red Palm, Spinning Tops, Box Elder, Maple Burl, Tagua Nuts, Spinning Top, Burled Wood
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jS Spin Tops on Tatooine.
six circular ornaments with intricate designs in gold, silver and black on a dark background
Rose Engine Ornaments ! jS
Blackwood disks decorated on the Rose Engine Lathe.
a decorative vase sitting on top of a table next to a black wall and floor
Ornamental Spinning Top
jS: Spin top made on the rose engine lathe
an assortment of glass vases with gold stars on them
Rose Engine Ornaments
Acrylic Cubes decorated on the Rose Engine Lathe
a bunch of ornaments that are sitting on a table
Rose Engine Ornaments
Blackwood disks decorated on the Rose Engine Lathe
three wooden canisters sitting next to each other
3 Button Top Boxes
a black and brown vase sitting on top of a table
Top on Spin Station
A jS Spinning top on Ornamental Spin Station.
an empty glass container with a silver and black design on the lid next to it
Spin Station
Ornamental turned Spinning top Spin Station. Made of African Blackwood & Tagua nut. Holds a glass lens to spin tops on.
an assortment of decorative objects are displayed on a white surface, including brooches and buttons
Ornamental Turned Buttons
Jon Sauer Rose Engine Buttons
three different black vases with red and white designs on them, one has a flower in the center
Bread Lame
3 Bread Lames / Open & Closed views
five decorative vases are lined up in a row
Ornamental Turned Containers
Turned Bottles of Exotic Woods.
two small candlesticks sitting next to each other
Parlor Top
jS; Parlor Top spinning away.
a black and gold star is on the side of a grinder that's in front of a gray background
js: Spin Top Spin Station Base.
a red candle holder sitting on top of a table
Spin Top on Matching Stand
jS: Ornamental Spin top on matching stand By jon Sauer.