It does not matter now who you did or didn't vote for...Or who is in the white house...God is still on his thrown and He still is in control...He is the same yesterday,today,and forevermore...May his Grace,Peace,and Protection cover us in Jesus Name..AMEN...

One Nation under God! America - The United States of America - American Flag - Liberty - Justice - Freedom - USA - The US - God Bless America!

God Bless America..we all need to help protect our Constitution.  It is up to you to get informed and not let TV add form your opinion.

W x H America - Let Freedom Reign tin sign. Sign reads: America Let freedom Reign This Tin Sign Features: Very Detailed Artwork Eagle Tin Light Weight Tin Design

We need Jesus Christ to heal our great nation! Pray America, our ONLY hope is JESUS!! He is our strength!

We need Jesus Christ to heal our great nation! Pray America, our ONLY hope is JESUS! He is our strength! God and Jesus never left, we did.pray for our future and for our children and grandchildren.

America The Beautiful...May she turn back to God.

America The Beautiful May she turn back to God. Wrong eagle but long may the American flag fly.


True American Heroes that Have Done More then Zero. Fighting for our Freedom. Freedom is not Free. God bless the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Freedom is NOT free

Blood bought my freedom, someone had to die. Someone freely took my place. Blood was the price, the supreme sacrifice. Someone died that I might be free.


Instead of saying "fuck the police" how about you try not breaking the fucking law. - Officer Carl Winslow has had it with your shit!

God Bless our Troops

American Heroes Garden Flag from Just for Fun Flags. A "Thank You" to those who have served our country. This American Heroes design is by artist Bonnie Mohr for Breeze Art . All net profits from the sale of this design will be donated t

Law Enforcement Today

The real heroes. Heroes are not band members, or some boys that got famous for looks. Heroes are the people that risk lives for others, that die for others often getting nothing in return and expecting nothing in return.

American Pride Flag

God Bless America Flag: Double Sided Outdoor Living Patriotic Display which is a perfect gift to show your love your country at any time of year!

Can't wait for sparklers and fireworks on the Fourth!

sparkler // american flag // red white and blue // entertaining // patriotic // Americana // of July // Independence Day inspiration

We are only free, thanks to those who've been defending our freedom for decades! Support our soldiers.  ;p

Our Home of the Brave Men’s T-Shirt is the perfect way to show your admiration for our troops. On the front there is a picture of a fallen soldier’s combat boots, gun, dog tags, and helmet in front of two American flags, surrounded by the saying

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Sweet country tis of thee :)

I absolutely love everything about this picture. I want a giant print framed and hanging in my living room. This picture is the epitome of what America is supposed to be, and God please bless this man for representing it with such obvious joy and honor.

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An unbelieavable cross stitch pattern from Cody Country and Needleworks titled "In God's Hands".

What is a Veteran...

Day 11 of Pinterest ~ Veteran’s Day 11.11.2011

I'm so proud of my dad who served 20 years of his life in the United States Marine Corps. My dad served USMC, too.


It's okay to say God Bless America - there are some people I know that don't appreciate where they live. So I say "God Bless America" and "Proud to LIVE in America"! Cause Wade Baker is an asshole who doesn't appreciate the great America.

God bless America !

In God We Trust. In God we should trust but sadly America has forgotten this, and sadly some Americans don't know who God is. America we need God back in our nation or America will BE NO MORE a mighty nation

Thank You, Veteran

Thank You Troops Garden Flag from Just for Fun Flags. Show your support and appreciation for our Armed Forces with this garden flag from Custom Decor . This patriotic design is visible from both sides of the flag, "THANK YOU" reads correctly

God bless our troops

USMC Supporter - United States Marine Corps - USMC - Marines - Devil Dogs - Leathernecks - Grunts - Jarheads - Semper Fi - Marine Love - Marine Drill Instructors - Marine Dress Blues - Oohrah - Devil Dog Fever - Anything & Everything Marine Related!

.pray for our country and those who defend it every day

May 2014 is National Day of Prayer; let's pray for our soldiers & our country. "One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All." Today is the National Day of Prayer. Make sure you take the time and lift up our nation in prayer today!

American Sacrifice Photograph by DJ Florek

American Sacrifice

This beautiful image " American Sacrifice" was created by DJ Florek. DJ's work can be view or purchased at Fine Art America. Thank you DJ for creating such a memorable piece, and remembering our Fallen Heros, and those that serve us each and every day!

Real Heroes - Thank you for our freedom

Thank you, brave soldiers! and Remember the fallen heroes on Memorial Day, May

Eagle with bowed head

Remember all the vets who have gone before us who died for our freedom and remember the active duty soldiers and the vets who are trying to adjust to being home after going through a lot of things we could never imagine. Thank you for your service.