make ties with ribbons {perfect wrapping for groomsmen gifts!}-- sooo cute!

How to make ties out of ribbon, perfect for wrapping groomsmen gifts or father's day gifts! Or on father's day I could just use a real tie.

wedding wish

I've seen similar "Wish" bracelets/necklaces, with beads, hearts or starts, they are a great idea for a "goody bag" treat for all ages! Wedding Wish Bracelet Wedding Favors. (Give your guests a knot as you tie the knot, too.

Top 20 wedding favours list

Top 20 wedding favours list - Okay, I like all the favors listed on this site, but CDs could be so cute (and cheap!) You and Jon have good taste in music! YES CDs!

My wedding favors!

love for the bonfire idea. it is a great idea if you have it at the beach because then you can roast the marshmellows at the bonfire w/ your family and guest.

Personalized Hangover Helper Kit

hangover kit for bridesmaids after bachelorette party maybe? Or for Wedding Party Gift, Gift Bags or a Wedding Favor. Kit can include: Advil, Alka Seltzer, Earplugs, a Sleep Mask and Band-Aids.

Personalized Mason Jars

Glass Mason Jar Favors

Get a real handle on your event favors with these Personalized Expressions Collection glass mason jars The list of things you can fill this jar/mug up with is virtually endless - candy, paper clips, bath salts homemade sauces and more.