Most parents want to raise a happy young adult who is capable of having the best that life offers them. So learning a few rules for living with a teenage daughter can help ease the power struggles and keep the doors of communication open.

6 Rules for Living with a Teenage Daughter

Chore List for all ages (Free Printable)

Chore List for All Ages (Free Printable) - Together With Family

Parenting Skills: Take your first step towards being the ‘best parent’ and understand the suggested ways which can help improve your #parenting skills.

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Great tips for what NOT to do when your child is throwing a tantrum by a Family Science Professor |

What NOT to Do During A Temper Tantrum - The Idea Room

I love this list! Especially #3.

15 Top Tips to Make Parenting Easier - Sarah Titus

Do you have a toddler who is experiencing the terrible twos…or threes? …an older child whose behavior is getting to be unmanageable? Not sure where to start at bringing peace back into your home? Here are some tips on how to calm your child's aggression.

How to Calm Your Child's Aggression - Sarah Titus

tips for parents of picky eaters

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Make it easy for your pre-reader to clean her room with this free printable

Go Clean Your Room: Help for Young Kids

We all try to deny all the yelling that we do. I've never understood that. We yell because we're tired and sometimes all we want is ten more minutes of sleep but that little person won't allow that, because he/she is hungry, or thirsty, or is scared to go to the bathroom because the hallway is dark. We don't need to feel bad, we just need to recognize our behavior and work on it. #breathe

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Age Appropriate Chores for kids with free printable chore charts.

Age Appropriate Chores

Kids who constantly apologize for seemingly minor offenses, say they’re “bad kids,” or blame themselves for things that aren’t their fault, may be at risk for later depression. Learn how to help your child release guilt and forge a healthy path forward.

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reward system based on 'real world' -- kids earn chips for good behaviors and chores, then turn them in for things they want. they also lose chips for behaviors that aren't acceptable. (this is the chart I created for my little nanny-kids)

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Reward System for Kids - A Free Printable - Stay at Home Mum

Mainly pinning this because of the reward coupons. It's a neat idea to reward the kids for chores, but not break the bank as well.

Mama Gets It Done: Chore Chart and Reward Coupons

Positive alternatives to challenging situations :)

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Jordan Ebel

FREE PRINTABLE! A great list (part 1 of 2) of positive affirmations for kids of all ages.

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15 Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids - Rewards that Work

15 Positive Reinforcement Ideas for Kids

Have you ever entered a home that seemed to emanate positivity, happy and relaxed energy? And then wondered, what do people feel when they enter my home? If you know the answer is not ‘good vibes and great energy’, and want to remedy that then read on! eBay shares eight ways to get you started filling your home with positive energy.


I Caught You Being Good Jar {positive reinforcement} This would be great for traveling, or just at home. They each have their jar and put one in if they are good.

I Caught You Being Good Jar {positive reinforcement} - FSPDT

The Most Powerful Leadership Tool - Positive Reinforcement - 5 Keys for Effective Delivery

Positive Reinforcement - The Most Powerful Leadership Tool | Aubrey Daniels International

What I Have Learned ~ Here are four strategies for behavior management that you can add to your toolkit.

4 Strategies for Your Behavior Toolkit • What I Have Learned

Could apply to the classroom

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How to motivate your students to perform better and believe in themselves!

How to Motivate Your Students (and Kids)

How to be a more patient mom. Love these tips! And they rhyme :)

How to Find Your Parenting Patience (When It's Gone Missing)

6 Single Mom Success Secrets- you are not alone!

Secrets to Success as a Single Mom