#RainbowHair #extensions Hand Dyed by Anya Goy. 100% human Remy hair (suitable for heat styling). Clip-in. Full head set. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: https://www.rainbowhaircolour.com/product/hand-dyed-rainbow-hair-extensions-clip-in-full-head-set/

Tree - - Apple Green - Atlantic Blue - Bright Daffodil - Cerise - Fire - Flamingo Pink - Fluorescent Glow - Mandarin - Pil... #haircrazy

Want Fantasy hair? Yes! Using eye pigment you can achieve similar results. It's temporary, chemical & gluten free + vegan! Click photo for more info on what I have to offer. These photos are only for the idea. Dramatic colors are available in our shimmer collation but not what is used here.

rainbow hair! (Okay, I would never, EVER, do this, even if I had the guts; but it is certainly very pretty when done correctly!

385380_10151967634450150_1053425907_n.jpg 702×960 pixels <-- I don't know what that means, but I would love to have all those colors in my hair <3

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