Josh Isaacs

Josh Isaacs

Texas / "And though its wings may cloud the skies, the dark shall never overcome; Light of the world, Your love has never failed." -BS2
Josh Isaacs
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Some of these are creepy, and I don't like them... But Thor!!!

Marvel and DC (put in DC Art because the first few are DC) Superheroes Redesigned as Robots . THIS IS AWESOME . did iron man really need to be in this one ?

Did anybody else watch this show?

Everyone should know the hairbrush song. And the water buffalo song. And the theme song. Isn't it weird to think some people don't know VeggieTales?

"Don't go to church, BE the Church."

1 Corinthians (The Body of Christ Works Together) A person’s body is ·one thing [a unity; one], but it has many parts. Though there are many parts to a body, all those parts make only one body, and Christ is the Head.

Real heroes dont have a name on the back of their jersey.They have their country's flag on the arm of a uniform.Thank u for our freedom.

They deserve our respect, always. They are the sole reason we have Freedom! How are there Americans who do not understand this? Honor our forefathers and our military who are responsible for the freedom we have and should never take for granted.