Josefa Jara Diaz

Josefa Jara Diaz

Josefa Jara Diaz
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This man is amazing. Behold, the god's chosen author! Tremble before the horror of Rick Riordan! D drinks Diet Coke a lot, so I'd say that statement is pretty accurate.

Good kid

Can we just acknowledge the fact she has her momma in her contacts list as "birth giver"? <<<< I have my mom in my phone as birth giver also

Percy Jackson

Poor of my daughter, she'll die of fandom-sickness

The Hunger Games, Divergent, The fault in our stars, Percy Jackson Harry Potter spirit animals Lockwood and co

pjo, percyjackson, magnuschase

Do I put this in Magnus Chase or Percy Jackson board.


No one sits alone at the mental institute! We gather around in a circle and fangirl and fanboy about books.

Camp Half Blood ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring percy jackson, text, quotes, fillers, other, phrase and saying

That's basically what happens the entire book which is like 300 pages can be wrapped up in 7 words

7 kittens will answer the call

I think the other fandoms are on the verge of calling a therapist for us.<--THERAPIST: so, you're in another insane fandom? ME: yes, it appears Demigods are just as insane as Sherlockians.<<< yea our fandom may even be crazier than the Sherlockians