Elie Saab

Women's Natural Embellish Collar Georgette Gown

Haider Ackermann

Haider Ackermann sheer nude wrap top Love sheer tops (sans bra underneath, when appropriate)


loooooooooove this color palette. and the nail color. need that nail color.

books & satin

french books wrapped in satin ribbon. Beautiful soft colours, I love it. Try printing it out on card and use as a dust cover for a side table of books, adds a romantic mood and keeps the books tidy.


Christian Dior- My typical clothing is skinny jeans, tshirt/silk shirt, leather jacket and pumps/converse w/ a nose ring but I love everything about this outfit. Perhaps because it's blush and nude rather than bright pink.


Nude & a little ruffle go a long way. ruffle mini skirt and sequin jacket