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The Dovo Shavette Straight Razor is a clever little invention by our German cousins, it's a straight razor that takes disposable blades, allowing anyone...

Dovo Shavette Straight Razor - a German designed straight razor that takes disposable blade

Baxter Base Camp X Cut-Throat Razor Inspired by the Base Camp X Axe, the handle is handmade in Base Camp's Toronto studio from Appalachian Hickory wood, then joined with a custom 6/8" wide Blue Steel blade custom made for Baxter by Hart Steel. A water-resistant olive canvas pouch completes the set.

Baxter Base Camp x Cut-throat Razor - Shaving with a straight razor is not for the timid; the Baxter Base Camp X Cut-throat Razor embodies the manly spirit behind such a grooming tool.

Beards have gone mainstream, which means it's time to shave yours off. Here's our buyer's guide to the best straight razors out there for men.

Do Like Dad Did: Mastering the Straight Razor Shave — Old School.Once upon a time, straight shaves weren’t just what cowboys gave themselves while out on the range in the reflections of cracked pieces of mirror — it’s all there was. Flash forward to

Straight razor in Damascus steel.

Devin Thomas Damascus Custom Spirograph in Wenge Wood. The Damascus steel is beautiful! is the largest blade I've come across yet. is the standard and recommended size, but wider blades supposedly require fewer 'wipes'.