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    I mainly use Pinterest to post things I'm cooking or would like to cook, clothes I wear or would like to wear, and assorted brilliance from around the web.

    Made a frittata. Tasty.

    I'm selling a pair of Lady Gaga tickets for the London show, £10 less than face value. Click through to take a look.

    Really nice watch from Timex, and cheap too.

    World's most simple digital camera. This is great:

    Made this on Saturday. Lemon curd with filo pastry and summer fruit.

    This was the spice rack at El Bulli before it closed down. Puts my collection to shame.

    Made this for Alice Vincent on Friday. She seemed to like it.

    One of the things I love about coming home is having breakfasts like this.

    Essentially the greatest photo of Barack Obama ever.

    A neat place for soup and a sandwich.

    I enjoy these chocolate skulls with nut brains.

    George Clooney getting arrested outside the Sudanese embassy. A million people wish they were that policeman right now.

    I made some homemade baked beans. They were nice.

    My steak last night at the Hawksmoor. Mushrooms, triple baked chips, and an Old Fashioned. Yeah.

    I'm going to the Hawksmoor tomorrow for dinner. This is what awaits.

    Love these. Don't know if they'd suit me.

    Just had this pestle and mortar delivered. I am naming it Dr Pestle.

    This is a possum who broke into a bakery and ate almost all the pastries.

    Chipotle's award-winning advert is lovely. Features a Coldplay cover by Willie Nelson.

    My phone camera is pretty rubbish, but here's the finished burger. The meat is a mix of mince, onions, breadcrumbs, chili and parmesan.

    Tonight I am making burgers from scratch. They will hopefully look like this.

    Sketch, pretty much my favourite place to eat or hang out in London, has had a makeover. And it looks great.

    I really want this. But even with an education discount it's over a thousand pounds. :(

    Lady Gaga eating pasta with a shirt on her head.

    A breakdown of the legalities of Pinterest. What do people think of it? It's a bit scary.

    This was dinner this evening. Homemade fried chicken, sourdough bread, tomato sauce (tomatoes, lemon, garlic, onions) and rocket. Nice.

    Lady Gaga in bed, eating what looks like cous cous. This is how we all look in bed.

    So this'll either look weirdly simple or disgusting, I guess it depends on what your view of Marmite is. It's basically...cook some pasta, mix some marmite with some melted butter (half a kilo, as it's a Nigella recipe) and then mix together with some grated parmesan. It's great comfort food and takes about 10 minutes.

    Our Legacy, bought this weekend. It's super soft. £80.

    For the unintiated, Little Printer is a test-stage piece of technology that allows you to print tweets, foursquare updates and articles from your favourite news sources. It's pretty cool.

    Here's something that @Alice Vincent and I made the other day. It's...cous cous with lemon, chili, tomatoes and garlic, topped with some coriander and lemon zest, and served up with some Pollock fish. It was good.

    Anti-Matter - King Geedorah & Mr Fantastik. I've heard this beat used on a few other tracks, including one by RZA, but this is easily the smoothest and most chilled out version. Good hip hop.

    Saw this t-shirt today, but alas didn't have the money to justify it. The pattern reminds me of hundreds & thousands. £55