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people of wal-mart


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great day for a wedding

Am I Wearing Pants (please read before you go to Wal-Mart to avoid getting pinned to this board)

Community Post: Am I Wearing Pants?
  • David Verrinder
    David Verrinder

    Actually, this could apply to some guys as well

bad shirt to wear when filling out a job application

Funniest Pictures About Job Search and Work | JobMob
  • Tiberius Electric
    Tiberius Electric


  • David Blatch
    David Blatch

    What a bone head! hehe

  • Jesse Lande
    Jesse Lande

    lol.. no, it matters! I remember hearing managers giggle in the back at some of the idiots who couldn't even figure out how to fill the application out!!

  • Shaan Khan
    Shaan Khan


  • Joanna Moreno
    Joanna Moreno

    do you think that's part of the people of walmart?

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  • Jaimie Keller
    Jaimie Keller

    Oh and even if you didnt take the picture, spreading makes you just as vain and conseated as the person who took it.

  • Jaimie Keller
    Jaimie Keller

    If you were a decent person, you would of said something to her instead of taking a picture. This just tells me that the person taking the picture is vain.

  • Nathalie
    Nathalie least shes wearing underwear

  • Mike Oconnell
    Mike Oconnell

    Does animal print make every woman feel sexy? Does this woman think she is sexy?

  • Delaney Wilson
    Delaney Wilson

    some people really need to learn how to appropriately dress themselves.

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.for real??

  • Vinny Le
    Vinny Le

    Wow that looks really bad!!! lol

  • LeeAnne Craven
    LeeAnne Craven

    attacked by ewoks????

  • Gina Cergnul
    Gina Cergnul


  • Maiara Andrade
    Maiara Andrade


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  • Kathy

    haha...I think I've done this!

  • Zivio Chabraja
    Zivio Chabraja

    I've seen this done. Fantastic!!!


  • Ungsik Chae
    Ungsik Chae


  • Maria Constantinou
    Maria Constantinou

    she is diluting her self !

  • Heather

    The kicker is when she left the house, she looked in the mirror and said "I look good!"

  • Maria Constantinou
    Maria Constantinou

    that is gross!!!

  • Deana Gallatin
    Deana Gallatin

    looks like it hurts

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  • Maiara Andrade
    Maiara Andrade



    Get a long shirt please. And drop about 200 lbs. Please.

  • Kim Coggins
    Kim Coggins

    this reminds me to stay with the health plan ! YIKES...

  • Kathy Watson-Johnson
    Kathy Watson-Johnson

    Not appropriate. This site is fun because it's uplifting, not mean.

  • Nancy Skeddle
    Nancy Skeddle

    unfortunately i've seen this ... worse part it's on young girls ... sometimes i think it's on purpose ...

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Hey! Hey! Hey man, hold up. There’s a Jellyfish on your head! Stay still, I’ll pee on it.

People of Walmart

Photoshop Contest! - People Of Walmart

terrible color choice of tie-dye

pet goat

Photoshop Contest! - People Of Walmart
  • Michael Molle
    Michael Molle

    Sure...emotional support goat!!

  • Grey Mello
    Grey Mello

    Really, we can take our goats to Walmart?


Arizona Archives - Page 15 of 38 - People Of Walmart
  • Bruce Harry
    Bruce Harry

    Probably best not to do that! ;)

  • Tina Blankenship-West
    Tina Blankenship-West

    are you f'n serious. Please find the isle that sells mirrors and take a glance!!!

  • Jody Persinger
    Jody Persinger

    Holy Jesus.....

  • Bruce Harry
    Bruce Harry

    They walk among us...

jolly ranchers

Nothing says I love you more!

there are bathrooms inside!

Oh Walmart..

People of walmart!

pro smoking van

It's a fake baby!

Photos - People Of Walmart
  • Kathy


those shorts can't be comfortable

  • Tari Schauer
    Tari Schauer

    so cool I made the Walmart board! but so bummed the smudged out my face!

  • Maryam

    why why why ???

  • Lisa Larkin
    Lisa Larkin

    how did she get them on?!

  • Melissa Burgess Adams
    Melissa Burgess Adams

    A wise man once said that it's better to look good than to feel good... uh, wait... never mind.

There are no words....

  • Stuart Cawthorn
    Stuart Cawthorn


  • Mark Huss
    Mark Huss



Photoshop Contest! - People Of Walmart