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people of wal-mart

great day for a wedding

Am I Wearing Pants (please read before you go to Wal-Mart to avoid getting pinned to this board)

bad shirt to wear when filling out a job application

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  • Delaney Wilson

    some people really need to learn how to appropriately dress themselves.

  • Mike Oconnell

    Does animal print make every woman feel sexy? Does this woman think she is sexy?

  • Nathalie least shes wearing underwear

  • Elli Love

    If you were a decent person, you would of said something to her instead of taking a picture. This just tells me that the person taking the picture is vain.

  • Elli Love

    Oh and even if you didnt take the picture, spreading makes you just as vain and conseated as the person who took it.

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.for real??

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Hey! Hey! Hey man, hold up. There’s a Jellyfish on your head! Stay still, I’ll pee on it.

terrible color choice of tie-dye

pet goat

Oh Walmart..

People of walmart!

those shorts can't be comfortable