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All Things Natural with Ed Kanze

Into the brew of "All Things Natural" naturalist and writer Ed Kanze throws in a kitchen sink's worth of topical matter. One week he might write about how your beloved pet dog is really a wolf (the DNA doesn't lie), and the next contemplate the sex lives of trees or the lonely life of the bobcat. More at:

All Things Natural with Ed Kanze

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Life brings its humbling moments. For me, a leader of bird walks, one came recently when a sparrow turned up, and I had no idea what kind it was. What to do?

LISTEN: A Stranger On The Lawn

Riddle: What makes a marsupial a marsupial? Hint: it has little or nothing to do whether the animal has a marsupium, or pouch, for carrying its young.

LISTEN: The Marsupial Habit

Listen here as Mr. Buck Tooth, "Rodent of the Year," accepts his honor at a meeting of the American Association of Gnawing Rodents.

'All Things Natural' Celebrates 100th Episode With Buck Tooth, Pride of The Beavers

Pets bring us joy and the pleasures of companionship. And sometimes they bring us pain. Listen to a horror story of a house---my house---invaded by hordes of hungry mites.

LISTEN: Mite Versus Right

Start looking at birds, and you have to master a whole new vocabulary of lingo.

LISTEN: Geography of a Bird

Before there was James Bond OO7 the secret agent and ladies' man, there was James Bond the distinguished ornithologist and expert on birds of the West Indians.

LISTEN: An Ornithologist Shaken, Not Stirred

Everybody knows the bird, but most us have never seen it in the flesh: the great white owl of northern North America and Eurasia known as the snowy.

LISTEN: Great Snowy Owl

You don't have to be crazy to believe in the existence of Little People. They exist. We call them penguins. Join me in reminiscing about wild penguins I have known. 2015-02-27 06:55

LISTEN: Penguins Of The Southern Oceans

If you have the privilege of getting close to a mink, it'll stink. But don't let the smell scare you off. These fierce, wide-ranging members of the weasel tribe offer fine entertainment to those who watch them.

LISTEN: Mink May Stink, But They're Fun To Watch

If the history of medical science can teach us one thing, it's this. Don't underestimate dirt. From ordinary backyard soil and composted compost have some of the world's most useful wonder-drugs.


On a cold winter day, I go out, then come in. Between the start and finish lie ninety brisk minutes of exercise and illumination. Join me!

LISTEN: A Winter Walk, And Home Again

Meet Corinne Parnapy, a real live phycologist. She studies that slimy stuff, green or brown or red, that we call algae. Is it interesting? Listen and judge for yourself.

LISTEN: What's It All About, Algae?

I've raised baby possums, raccoons, skunks, robins, starlings, and great-horned owls. Which are the most cuddly and fun to be around? The answer may surprise you.

LISTEN: Bringing Up Babies

Do you hear what I hear? It's late on a cold winter night. Snow lies softly over the ground, and the red stuff in the thermometer is plunging.

LISTEN: The Little Drummer Boy

They rock and roll them. We're talking about those boulders we all see in the woods. Geologists call them "erratics."

LISTEN: Ladies And Gentlemen, The Rolling Stones!

The gelatin that goes into Jello and similar products comes from sanitized, pulverized, boiled animal hooves. Animal hooves are largely made of keratin.

LISTEN: Making Cannibal Jello

I've been singing that Rodgers and Hammerstein lyric on bright, cheery mornings ever since I performed the song on stage in the second grade. But I ask myself: what makes a beautiful morning beautiful?

Meet the two newest members of my household: Silky and Bandit, and pair of guinea pigs.

LISTEN: The Incredible, Edible Guinea Pig

We measure babies by length, not height. The blue whale is the world's longest animal, or at least the longest one with a backbone. What's the longest tree?

LISTEN: The Trees Of Our Forests

Of all the unique, curious creature in the world, none is curiouser than the reptile known as the tuatara. It lives only in New Zealand. It is neither crocodile nor turtle nor snake nor lizard.

LISTEN: The One, The Tuatara

We all have our passions and compulsions. One of mine is hunting for salamanders. When I catch them, I let them go. The fun isn't in the possessing, it's in the chase. Will you join me?

LISTEN: Perpetually Seeking Salamanders

While I watch nature videos with pleasure, especially if they're narrated by David Attenborough, and while I enjoy a stroll through a zoo now and again, it's always been clear to me that there's nothing more satisfying and fun

LISTEN: The Thrill of Being There

Weird living things you may never have heard of live deep in the oceans and in hot pools at Yellowstone. They live in your intestines and toilet tank, too. You gotta love them, for without them, we'd be nowhere.

LISTEN: Iron Eaters Near And Far

When nights yields to day and day succumbs to darkness, wild beasts come out to fly and prowl. Scientists call them crepuscular. Listen and meet dusk specialists here.

LISTEN: Great Things Happen at Dusk

According to the calendar, one day it's summer and the next it's fall. Nature marks the change of the season a little differently.

LISTEN: The Poignant End of Summer