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All Things Natural with Ed Kanze

Into the brew of "All Things Natural" naturalist and writer Ed Kanze throws in a kitchen sink's worth of topical matter. One week he might write about how your beloved pet dog is really a wolf (the DNA doesn't lie), and the next contemplate the sex lives of trees or the lonely life of the bobcat. More at:
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If you come to stay at our house you must obey a few rules: No stepping on ants or beetles, no letting the cook wash the dishes, and above all, no harming the spiders!

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In the Adirondacks, people love their pets. Some of them---the pets, that is---weigh two hundred pounds or more and thrive on pine needles, poison-ivy, and other delicacies you can't buy at the mall.

Kids As Pets: Why Your Next 'Dog' Might Be A Goat | CURIOUSLY ADIRONDACK

When a cherry bomb exploded over Lang Elliott's head, he had no idea it would help to launch him on a career in sound. Elliott doesn't record pop singers or rock bands. His vocalists and instrumentalists are birds, frogs, and insects.

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It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a---UFO? Those of us who watch birds are forever on the look-out for peregrine falcons, but most of us rarely see one. Listen here to the tale of a day I got lucky.

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There are big sharks and little sharks, dangerous sharks and sharks called gummies that will never harm you. Join me for a look at a new shark field guide that surveys the world's more than 501 species of shark.

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