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I can’t trust what I see

"You get a strange feeling when you leave a place, like you'll not only miss the people you love, but you miss the person you are at this time and place because you'll never be this way ever again" - Azar Nafasi

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True words.

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If the world were a village of 100 people Change the World

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A bit long, but definitely worth the read…

Culture defines what is admirable. History defines what is exceptional. (Historically Hardcore)

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Interesting!! All true?

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We have rounded up some fun and random, yet true, history facts that might surprise you.

25 Fun and Random (Yet True) History Facts That Might Surprise You

Real History in real pictures..... atleast its not just me

History in Pictures - The Jucktion Forum

It's weird how you learn about so many events in history, but never piece them together for the big picture.

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This is the human lung inflating...... whaaaaat... I literally just watched this like 25 times!

This is the human lung inflating -


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This changes everything.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 88 Pics


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Miley Cyrus's Dolly Parton cover "Jolene"

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Quarter acre homestead plan

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Visual explanation: The British Isles, British Islands, United Kingdom and Great Britain.

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this is amazing.

Two Awesome Brothers Come Up With a Brilliant Idea...

How would you like a driveway that twinkled like fairy lights every night? It is possible by using "glowstones" in your concrete mix, but it is not cheap. The upside of the extra expense I guess is that you wouldn't need any outdoor lighting as the stones hold light for around 12 hours. Glowstones mixed into concrete to create a pathway of light.

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Phylogenetic Tree of Life by by David Hillis, Derreck Zwickil and Robin Gutell: The evolutionary relationships of about 3,000 species throughout the Tree of Life. Less than 1 percent of known species are depicted. Download the original diagram in a 367 KB PDF file and explore it more carefully yourself. #Infographic #Tree_of_Life

The Death of the Tree of Life is Greatly Exaggerated

The #Transparent #Canoe #Kayak. This canoe-kayak hybrid has a transparent polymer hull :) Woww

The Transparent Canoe Kayak - Hammacher Schlemmer

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Hare Mask - Woodland Tea Party

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