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Reclaiming Easter

#MoreThanACarpenter #Easter #Resurrection

Reclaiming Easter

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Give More Than a Carpenter

To survive in our faith, we must be equipped with a biblical worldview and belong to a loving community of believers who support each other and have a common mission. Jesus: Dead or Alive? p55 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

God's love can't just be known in our homes and in our churches. We must take it to the world. Jesus: Dead or Alive? p66 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

Just as Thomas needed proof, we too have the right to question and wonder. God does not expect us to go on blind faith. He wants us to discover the truth. Jesus: Dead or Alive? p71 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

There are many claims that various gods exist, but only one God cared enough to become a man and die on our behalf. Jesus:Dead or Alive? p113 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

"Some of Satan's favorite lies are about heaven, for Satan knows that if we truly understand the reality of eternal life, it would transform our present lives." Jesus: Dead or Alive? pg 50 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

"A lack of eternal perspective sets us up for sin. We think that if we don't experience certain pleasures now, our chance will be gone and we will never experience them." Jesus: Dead or Alive? pg47 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

"The greatest demonstration of God's strength came when he gave up his power and suffered like one of us." Jesus: Dead or Alive? pg 32 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

"God's love cannot be experienced by watching from a distance. The love of God can only be understood when we know him." Jesus: Dead or Alive? pg 29 #ReclaimEaster #Easter

"Jesus blazed the trail through death to eternal life, and he tells us to follow in his footsteps." Jesus: Dead or Alive? pg 11 #ReclaimEaster #Easter