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Joshua Underwood

Joshua Underwood
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Posted by Richard Salmon at 19:48

They look like sandbags but are actually hessian bags filled with wet concrete and pinned together with steel rods making a good, solid retaining wall. Could also stack dry bags of concrete, drive rebar through them before watering them down.

Anyone know of any good examples of bagged concrete construction?

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Defiant Craft Knuckle Dusters

When I saw this set of Defiant Craft knuckle dusters I thought of the Bon Jovi song "Have a Nice Day", and also what I would like to use the knuckle dusters to do to the speaker that's playing the Bon Jovi song "Have a Nice Day" when I hear it.

amarillo-choctaw: BUILDING A TEPEE

My subject today is going to be about making a tepee. I felt that any Indian woman worth her salt should be able to make a tepee. So, I boug.