Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley

Designer living in NASHVILLE
Josh Kelley
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small coordinates tattoo andy revenant

Here are some ideas of cute tattoos to express your love. When you are in love, it is common to want to show it in any possible way. Matching tattoos are a good way to

A Chinese tattoo artist is making waves on Instagram with her beautiful brushstroke designs and creative tattoo designs on :

Japanese style Arm Wave tattoo by Newtattoo Studio is aone of those showing that a Japanese tattoo do not necessary have to be huge and take big parts of the

location - on the border of Georgia and Turkey...COOL!

coordinates of Batumi. It’s the most beautiful tiny town in Georgia with unique people, beer, buildings and so on… There live FUCKING GENIUS homie skittles. one of them has this tattoo, other’s are my friends