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the album cover for dandy in the underworld by trex, featuring an image of
T. Rex, Dandy In The Underworld
T. Rex, Dandy In The Underworld
punk and destroy album cover with an image of a man sitting on the ground in front of
a black and white photo of a man holding a baseball bat with the words bauhus on it
The Stories Behind 10 Great Album Covers by Famous Artists
Bauhaus — In the Flat Field Bauhaus’s 1980 album In the Flat Field emerged from a throbbing darkness, stripped and jarring, and this gritty cover fits the aesthetic. Famous photographer Duane Michals alludes to the 19th-century French painter Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, in an image shot two years before the album release. See the photo. See Peter Murphy gyrating mythically. Can’t unsee.
Doom - Police Bastard Punk, Police, Beatles, Punk Rock, Retro, Youtube, Hardcore, Gig Posters, Anarchy
SEGA Forum
Doom - Police Bastard
the cover art for saint vitus's album
Saint Vitus - Saint Vitus (1984)
the cover art for blind lemon jefferson's album, vol 1 - volume 2
Blind Lemon Jefferson - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Volume 2
the cover of an article with images of people on stairs
Discharge - Why? LP
Discharge - Why? LP
an image of a poster with words and images on the front, in black and white
'From Stapleguns to Thumbtacks' book collects punk, metal flyer art
Punk Flyers from the 90's
a black and white poster with the words metalic bros on it's side
Iggy Pop: 6 álbuns do excêntrico mestre do punk
Iggy Pop: 6 álbuns do excêntrico mestre do punk #camisetaiggypop #candyiggypopletra #candyiggypoptradução #iggy&thestooges #iggypopcandy #iggypopletras #iggypoplouielouie #iggypopthepassenger #iggypopwikipedia #theidiotiggypop
the cover for charles patton's complete recorded works in monological order, volume 1
Complete Recordings 1929 - 1934 VOL. 1 1929
Charley Patton - Complete Recorded Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Volum 1 (Document)
muddy waters his best, most, and greatest 50th anniversary collection
Muddy Waters
an advertisement for the band's live at the bbc, 1965 - 1989 album
Live At The Bbc
Live At The BBC [VINYL]
a group of men standing next to each other in front of a brick wall with graffiti on it
New York (album) - Wikipedia
Lou Reed - New York
a man holding his hand up in front of him, with the words'here is david
David Bowie: "Heroes"
David Bowie: "Heroes" | Album Reviews | Pitchfork/The Berlin Trilogy, and "Heroes" in particular, show all the signs of an artist growing up, shaking off the trappings of capitalist ego and success, and searching for a soul instead.