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Awe Too Sweet

Awe Too Sweet

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Moments like this need to be more prevalent nowadays.

For True Love…

For True Love... - The Meta Picture

Faith in humanity restored!

There’s still awesome people in this world…


I would have literally given anything to have had a picture like this with my grandmother on my wedding day.

Whales adopt deformed bottlenose dolphin :')

Um, yeah I'll call this photo what it is Momma Porn. There's nothing like seeing a daddy carrying their child in a carrier. So sexy!

Faith In Humanity Restored – 20 Pics

Ultra cute picture of the day...

Too cute not to repin. My two faves! Babies, and baby pugs!


Mobiles! Cute!

Okay, I love the super short bangs! The top knot bun? Super adorbs!

mother and child ~ artist?

"Mother with Child" by Kathe Kollwitz

Mother and Child - Pablo Picasso

Vincent van Gogh, Girl Kneeling by a Cradle, 1883.

Assisting God in a miracle I have loved being pregnant this entire time :)

Real magic- Seriously Johnny Depp is one actor I wouldn't mind meeting :)

white zebra ohmygoodness how cool is this?!? KimmyAnn Brown did you know there were White Zebras?

Restore Your Faith In Humanity.


No matter the culture, No matter the country, nothing speaks more of family love than that which is found between siblings.


adoption creed Tamera McClure

  • Tamera McClure
    Tamera McClure

    i love it :)