Phil: *doing the ladder hands* Dan: is that what people will be doing at our concerts? Everybody put your ladder hands up.

What's up Dan?;)

if looks could kill>>> I think he's thinking :PHIL.<<I think he's actually thinking "Phil is a stranger to you and you should stop flirting with my best friend" in his ultimate protective mode because brotp

On the video I chose 'poke Dan' so much that he cut off my finger.... RUDE! DAN! THAT'S JUST RUDE!

Haha WHAT NOW DAN jkjk I luv himmmm------ i saw this a long time ago but I had no idea who it was at the time

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Dil and Tabitha in Sims videos phan, danandphilgames, danisnotonfire, amazingphil

Dan Howell

Reminded me of you

"'Dan and Phil' Dan" Yep that's how you know who it is now. This is "Dan and Phil" Dan. Oh, you want to speak to "Dan and Phil" Phil?

even though this isnt the real dan its still vvv true (although its 2016 but u know)

Way to go Dan! <<< just realised its is a phan account. Welp that's what i get for pinning at 3 in the morning<<The phan has a great point!

Dan is already regretting this and same Phil same

Phil: here we have a Dan in his natural habitat, called the existential crisis. During these moments, the Dans are questioning their life. We must also lay down beside them to make them feel better.