Gus the Wonder Kitty

I am Gus. Gus the Wonder Kitty. Sometimes I go by the alias Gustavo. I am very famous. Everyone wants to take their picture with me. I am often consulted on world affairs and party planning. I'm a pampered sassy little prince.
20 Pins

Lol cat- Excuce me

Gus the Wonder Kitty photo bombs Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards.

Gus the Wonder Kitty meets Pope Francis

Don't even think about touching the teddy bear, dog!!!!

Why oh why did I do that 12th jello shot on St. Paddy's Day?

Gus the Wonder Kitty provides enthusiastic support for the Prez on election night

Only a real kitty cuddles with buddha

Somedays I just feel like a dog.

Rough night.

The cone head kitty

Ummmm.... what the hell do you think you're doing, dog?!?!?!?

Sit still foolish dog! You have something sticky on your head.

Sometimes my life really sucks.

Sleepy Gus

This is Gustavo

Laid back Gus :)

I just love a good parade!

Gus? You got the wrong kitty. There's no Gus here!

Where's the fire?

We shall rule the world