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    how to make amazing deodorant works great and is cost- effective It even works on my sweaty boyfriend!

    *How to live a healthy and holistic lifestyle: making your own deodorant

    Look at the stamps underneath. | 26 Common Thrift Store Finds You Can Flip To Make Money

    26 Common Thrift Store Finds You Can Flip To Make Money

    12 Thrift Store Items Worth Cash- Many thrift stores have gold mines on their shelves just waiting to be found. Keep an eye out for these 12 valuable items.

    12 Thrift Store Items Worth Cash



    Everything you need to know to start and monetize a blog!!

    How To Start A Blog – The Blonde Chef

    How to Budget when you don't make enough money - this is something that we have first-hand experience with, and you NEED to read these 5 crucial steps! Budget, Budgeting Tips, #budget

    How to Budget When You Don’t Make Enough Money

    Couponing 101 - A Beginner's Guide to Coupon Usage, Lingo and Organization. Learn how to coupon in no time! Great tips for saving money and staying under budget.

    Coupons 101 - Cha-Ching on a Shoestring™

    Banks Vs Credit Unions #CUsRock #CreditUnions

    Banks Vs. Credit Unions: What's the Difference?

    10 Spray Paint Tips: what you never knew about spray paint. So good to know! Read before your next project!

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    How To Set Up A Budget - excellent post with lots of information on how to live on a budget so you can get out of debt. Plus, she has links to Dave Ramsey's site for a lot of tips.

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    Easy ways to save money on EVERYTHING. Great ideas!

    35 easy ways to save money

    This is not just about budgets, this woman has EVERYTHING for a stay-at-home mom to stay organized and SANE.

    Keeping Our Household Budget Under $300 a Month (Part 1 of 4)

    How to Build an Excellent Credit Score & Ways to Repair a Bad One- Great tips that are easy to understand and implement!

    How to Build an Excellent Credit Score

    If you have ever gotten a raise and noticed that you run out of money just as quickly as you did before, you probably live above your means. The good news is that you can learn to live below your means.

    How to Live Beneath Your Means

    72 ways to cut your spending by 400 a month and save 4000 a year...Pin now, read later, cause this list is FULL of great ideas!!

    Frugal Ways To Save Money - Madame Deals, Inc.

    The Complete Guide to Selling Your Unwanted Crap for Money

    100+ Tips for Frugal Living: How to Get Thrifty and Save Money

    How I Feed My Family Of 6 For Less Than $400

    How I Feed My Family Of 6 For Less Than $400 -

    How to Save Money at Target-- tons of tips to save big on everything you might need at Target stores! (A must read for Target shoppers!)

    How to Save Money at Target

    find the best thrift stores in your area using the National Thrift Store Directory)!

    LiveLoveDIY: 10 Thrift Store Shopping Secrets You Should Know

    This woman is amazing! She has inspired me to be as organized and frugal as possible when it comes to grocery shopping. She feeds 6 people for $200 a month, and posts her shopping trips and meal plans. Pin now read later

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    10 ways thrifty people shop for groceries

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    50 Things you can Reuse

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    My husband and I have been doing the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball system/budget for the last 2 years and we have paid off 2 cars, 3 credit cards, and are still going strong. I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

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    If you think coupons are too much work, you've GOT to read this post. This simple method of using coupons could totally revolutionize the way you view coupons -- it's SO easy and effective!

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