Walk like you've been sent to murder captain America. -- I don't want to murder captain America in particular bc that boys my pal y know but I'll note down the ws murder strut

I so ship that

I was telling my parents (who recently started season 4 of Sherlock) that the fandom ships Johnlock, and my mom was like "?" So I said "people ship Sherlock and John" and she's like *long pause* "to where?

Funny tumblr post

If he isn't gay the universe has failed us>>In my dads school there was someone called Richard Head. Please just imagine meeting someone called Richard Head


I really love this, having the daughter control her relationships not her dad<< And that he signs the message as "Feminist Father"

I'm a bipolar psychopath, apparently.

I'm a bipolar psychopath, apparently. <== so many mixed messages and I love and agree with every last one.

[screaming bc it makes sense]

[screaming bc it makes sense] Or u know. There was this time traveler who went to the century. Your name wouldn't happen to be Sally Sparrow would it?

Yes!!!!! Is there any MALEC shippers out there?

Destiel Merthur Drarry Brolin Sabriel Wolfstar Larry Cockles Johnlock Stucky Spideypool BlaisexNeville Yup they all gay

Is it bad I've thought of this before

Vampire feeding habits (Though I'm sure the quantity of menstrual blood wouldn't be enough to sustain them)

October should be Trick-or-Treating-Halloween, and the should be Parties/Festivals-Halloween