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Fitzgerald gettin it right

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  • Kaitlyn Guernsey

    It's a lot easier to make decisions of what should be done or what you would do when you aren't affected by the situation. That's why I think it should be up to the people actually in the situation, not by-standers who want to impose their own opinion on something that has nothing to do with them.

  • Melody Easter

    I'm aloud to speak my opinion just as you are. And I'm not trying to impose it upon them. I'm saying it isn't logically right for her to not let the child have the choice at life but yet she's entitled to a choice. Hmm doesn't seem right at all. But that's my opinion and I wish you would see the logical thinking of this. I'm not here to argue or be mean. That's all I have to say. Have a great day.

  • Tristan Goode

    A man who murders a pregnant woman, resulting in the loss of both lives can be convicted of two counts of homicide. But a woman choosing to have a doctor end the life of an unborn child is practicing her rights. Just putting that out there. It's called hypocrisy.

  • Doralee Charron

    and how is that we mourn a blighted ovum or a miscarried embryo/baby, yet have no concern of those aborted at the same stage of developments?? my personal opinion is that the mother's body FORFEITED it's choice when the body became a life-giving system for another PERSON"S life. lastly, isn't it hypocritical of those who always BLAME those who oppose their opinions on FORCING or IMPOSING, when they are doing the exact same thing. What a world of hypocrisy and self-centeredness we live in.

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