Jose Bonivento

Jose Bonivento

Jose Bonivento
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front entry garden

Source: Ngoc Minh Ngo There is something very satisfying about this house. It’s my structured architectural side coming out and I love it! The textures, the straight lines, the feeling of openness and the landscape planting tops it off.

Container houses!

Container houses - each room has a floor to ceiling window (at the end) Door would be on a perpendicular wall. Shared bathroom in the center of each container.


Tropicalia chair by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso. I could see this in my future house, it is such a colorful chair. Would make me happy every time I'd look at it.

Le Meridien, Zhengzhou, China

Built by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office in Zhengzhou, China with date Images by Pedro Pegenaute. Framing a Journey through the City In their design for Le Meridien hotel, Shanghai-based firm Neri&Hu envisions .

Posh Tots furniture detail image

I like to multi level aspects. Porch is at regular level but to the left the slide requires going up half way to access the slide. Also like enclosed slide for safety! the rest I don't like

Le Petit Chalet

It's a playground and clubhouse- has 3 balconies, a tube slide, climbing wall, and a cargo net, and it's called "Le Petit Chalet" I know two girls who would this.

SPYD-PARQUES, Parques Infantiles de Madera, Barranquilla

SPYD-PARQUES, Parques Infantiles de Madera, Barranquilla