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When to Let Others Read Your Writing (and When Not to) | Don't be "a writer."

When to Let Others Read Your Writing (and When Not to)


7 Tips for Writing Realistic Dialogue: Does all of your dialogue sound the same, no matter who’s talking? Have you had feedback saying that your dialogue is awkward or unrealistic? Nearly any book about writing fiction will have a section on dialogue. Consider this a quick reference or summary. These are my top 7 tips for writing realistic dialogue:

7 Tips for Writing Realistic Dialogue


I always have trouble thinking of jobs for my characters... which would explain why right now my protagonist is unemployed..

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ELA in the middle | Middle School English, Language Arts|For more information about the K12 International Academy www.icademy.com/ "like," us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/... & follow us on Twitter! @icadteach

September | 2013 | ELA in the middle


Get kids excited about writing! Click HERE to grab your students' attention as you illustrate the technique of Unreliable Narration.

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Better Novel Project is all about deconstructing bestsellers, discovering what elements they have in common, and using these elements as a backbone for a new master outline. This project is not about creating a magic fill-in-the-blank formula. Instead, we are building a structural framework, based on what is proven to work, to contain our own unique stories.

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MASTER LIST OF PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS...but learn to use your own descriptions along the way.

MASTER LIST of Physical Descriptions!



Free Downloads for Teen Writers


Everything writers need to know about archery for their story, plus links to additional sources for your research! inkandquills.com/...

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Good writing prompt..

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11 Tips For Creating a Writing Routine (that will leave you feeling free!) | She's Novel

11 Tips for Creating a Writing Routine (that will leave you feeling free!) | She's Novel


These photos bring a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Dead Gorgeous." Post-Mortem photography was highly common during the Victorian Era, as loved ones desired to have photos to remember the deceased by. Sometimes, these photos included both the deceased and the living. Check out the haunting and bizarre images below. Try not to get the creeps.

These 22 Pics Show Exactly How Creepy Post-Mortem Photography Was In The 19th Century


Writing characters

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How To Write A Novel Outline (like the lady boss you are) from the How To Write A Story guide on ShesNovel.com

How To Write A Novel Outline (Like the Lady Boss You Are!) | She's Novel


This way to the moon...

Beautiful Nature (expression-venusia: disclaimer - not my...)


Wordplay: Helping Writers Become Authors: 4 Ways to Limit Your Character's Options - and Make Your Story Better

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There\'s one crucial number that could ultimately determine whether humans have a chance to live on Mars

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“End with an image and don’t explain.” Stanley Kunitz -- Explore insightful quotations, both ancient and modern, on the creative process at www.examiner.com/...

Forty quotations for writing inspiration


Word Frequency Counter - Great for finding all the words and phrases you overuse in your writing.

33 Amazingly Useful Websites You Never Knew Existed


Ten Commandments of Writing Fiction.

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Get Grammar Girl's take on used to versus use to. Learn whether it's different from or different than, and how to pluralize acronyms.

Used to Versus Use to, and Other Listener Questions



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Elephant and Piggie Comic {This is a great template for practicing inferring.} Idea from "Grade ONEderful" blog.

Grade ONEderful: Search results for Elephant piggie