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Furniture collaborations with leading fine furniture makers.
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an empty glass shelf in the corner of a room with blue walls and white trim
Architectural & Interior Glass - Jo Vincent Glass Designers
Cast and toughened bespoke glass shelving for alcove.
an empty shelf in the corner of a room with wood and white paint on it
Cast Glass Shelving
Bespoke cast glass shelving. 10mm toughened glass, sitting in bespoke frame made by MOS Bespoke Furniture.
a wooden table with green glass top on white background and wood frame around the edge
Collaboration with fine furniture makers. Bespoke, toughened textured table top. www.jovincent.com
a wooden bench with two faces on it's side and the ocean in the background
Table collaboration with fine furniture makers. Toughened 15mm bespoke textured glass. www.jovincent.com
the water is reflecting the sky and clouds
Kiln formed texture detail. Jo Vincent. http://www.jovincent.com
an image of a shelf that is made out of wood and glass with silver foil on it
Bespoke kiln formed glass shelving for Jonny James, furniture maker. http:// www.jovincent.com